Looking Good

First 15 Minute Session $159.00
Second 15 Minute Session $99.00  
Third 15 Minute Session $79.00

Forever White Pen (at-home use) $40.00  (Recommended to maintain achieved results)
Minerals™  Enamel Booster  $40.00 (Strengthens the enamel by replenishing lost key minerals)

Travel Fees

No charge - Scottsdale (North to Happy Valley Rd), Paradise Valley 
$10 - East Phoenix (East of 51, North of the 202, South of the 101) .
$15 - West Phoenix (West of the 51, North of the 10, South & East of the 101)
$10 - Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek  

Other areas, please call for travel fees 

While two Beaming White single treatments provides a noticeable difference, for the majority of our clients, we recommend starting with all three sessions which will provide even more dramatic and longer lasting results.  The 15-minute sessions  are done back-to back in the same visit.   This is done as strength of the gel used weakens after 15 minutes, so you rinse and fresh gel is then applied.  This is the same procedure as done in a dental office, talk to your consultant if you have any questions.

Questions . . .

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?
A: Tooth sensitivity is extremely rare after the procedure. The Beaming White procedure will not damage enamel or existing fillings.

How white will my teeth get?
A: In general, results will vary from customer to customer depending on the types of stains present and the number of  teeth whitening sessions. Beaming White has been able to achieve up to  8+ shades whiter on average in two sessions.  The darker teeth are, the more noticable the results are.

What are "Sessions"?
Professional whitening gel loses effeciency when exposed to air, so gel is applied for the first 15-minute session, washed off, and immediately re-applied for the  second session and in cases where needed due to excessive staining, a third session is highly recommended.

How do I know if I need the third session?
Based on the whitening process and under normal conditions (teeth have not been whitened in the last 3-4 months), for the majority of people we suggest all three sessions if you have never had your teeth whitened or it has been over two years since your last professional whitening. If your teeth have been whitened in the last 2 years, most likely two sessions will be all you need for best results (exception would be for heavy smokers, or wine, coffee, cola, tea drinkers.  People with extreme staining should have the third session. Your technician can answer this question after seeing the color of your teeth. You can also answer this question yourself - be honest now - are your teeth extremely stained and yellow? do you hide your teeth in your smile? do your teeth embarrass you? - you probably need the third session.

What is the Minerals™ Enamel Booster?
Minerals™ is Beaming White's Enamel Booster. It strengthens the enamel by replenishing key minerals that our teeth lose over time and especially during teeth whitening treatments. Hence, it is highly recommended that people remineralize their teeth a few times a year, especially after a teeth whitening treatment.

Minerals™ remineralizing gel is also perfect for people with sensitive teeth, since the remineralization process also desensitizes the teeth, and we have one ingredient, potassium nitrate, which is specifically used for reducing tooth sensitivity. The product comes in a convenient pen with an integrated brush to easily apply it to the teeth anytime, anywhere. The gel consists of fluoride, potassium nitrate, and calcium phosphate.

We didn't mean to make it taste so good, so remember that it's not candy. It's just good for your teeth.

Our Guarantees . . .
You'll see the difference or your money back.
Maintain your whitening with at least one session every 12 months or less, your cost will never go up, even if our prices do.


$45.00 Eyelash Tinting       
$35.00 Eyebrow Tinting     
$70.00 Both         

 If everyday application of mascara is wearing you down, then here is something to save you from the mundane routine. Eyelash tinting to the rescue...


Eyelash Tinting

You leave work to meet your friends for an early dinner and get caught in a freak rain shower. You reach the restaurant and your friends stare at you like you are the Wicked Witch of the West. Without even looking at the mirror, you know that the disaster of mascara has struck again. Sounds familiar? Well, then you are probably one of hundreds of women who is not blessed with naturally long and curling eyelashes and resort to mere mortal cosmetic enhancers like the mascara. Believe it or not, now there is a solution. Welcome to the world of eyelash tinting!

Eyelash tinting is a cosmetic procedure, where a person's eyelashes are dyed to a color of her choice. This procedure is temporary and is takes about 30 minutes. Eyelash tints dyes are the new fad in the world of eye makeup and are available in colors ranging from black and brown to jet black-blue combination.

Eyelash tints are a boon for the modern day woman who has a busy lifestyle. If you want to maintain a stylish and glamorous persona at all times but are unaware of the perfect eye makeup techniques, then all you need is a monthly application of eyelash tint. Mascara, as we know it, can now be officially discarded from the vanity case. If you are a swimmer and have discovered that your favorite stress-buster is going to cost you and your makeup, then your new best friend could be waiting for your phone call.

Contact lenses and mascaras do not always get along. In a lot of cases, cosmetics like mascara has resulted in itching in the eye. With eyelash tinting, women who wear contacts or have an allergy to mascara, can avail the benefits. 
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